responsible engineering

core values

We are a collective of minds driven by a passion for our world.

The built environment is where we spend most of our lives and it has to perform well and be responsible towards the resources.


As building services/MEP/environmental engineers we design the systems that provide air, light and thermal comfort to internal spaces - and we inform the design of the buildings to minimise the energy needed for these systems to operate efficiently.

mstep has a mission to help create comfortable, healthy, efficient environments in which we can breathe, live, work and thrive - and that do not cost the Earth!

We decarbonise existing and future spaces through responsible engineering design from inception to completion.

mstep brings 25 years of delivering very low and zero carbon buildings and places of varying complexities across many sectors and countries.

Using our knowledge, our enthusiasm and the latest technologies, we deliver the future today.

mstep founding core values are equity, inclusion and responsibility  and we are fully committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals