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Genius Energy Lab
Ground Source Heat Pump System Design Specialists

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The team at Genius Energy Lab have been designing Ground Source Heat Pump systems for over 20 years and consider ourselves the best at what we do. We provide Ground Source Heat Pump System design advice, detailed design and training services to the large commercial building, large residential and social housing construction supply chain.

Hub: Technical Partner


Projects: NRC, DPP, CAH



We have been working in partnership with Genius Energy Lab for many years and in multiple projects of all sizes and complexities. GEL's combined technical knowledge and great personalities make it a pleasure to do what we do best better - and having fun during the process.

From mstep formation late in 2020 GEL has been involved in the majority of our decarbonisation projects ensuring our accuracy on all ground source heat pump strategies.


We are currently collaborating on all decarbonisation projects with a massive positive impact on the results adding to our ability to quantify and inform client decision on their path to net zero.

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