our services

Advocacy and representation

Client and Project representation at outward-facing events including stakeholder consultation, planning hearings and industry events.

Architect selection

Procurement strategy, selection criteria (including design competitions where appropriate), evaluation of submissions, interview facilitation, reporting.

Auditing of design personnel

Support for recruitment of design personnel, and performance monitoring.


Establishing a set of quality benchmarks and precedent projects to inform client decision making, with visits if necessary.

Board reporting

Providing reports for private and public boards to support client accountability and project audit.

Brief writing

Understanding, synthesising and communicating project requirements in strategic and detailed briefs.

Business planning

Design related input to client business plan.

Client team coaching and mentoring

Individual or team coaching sessions, scenario planning and 'lessons learned' workshops.

Design competition strategies

Advice on the use of design competitions as a means of design team selection or idea generation. Oversight of design competitions, including interface with specialist competition facilitators. RIBA Competitions service. Malcolm Reading Consultants.

Design evaluation

Independent evaluation of the design against briefing requirements at key stages.

Design review

Review of design work at key milestones; challenging, questioning and encouraging the highest quality project outcomes.

Design review governance

Advice on design review processes, design gateways for cost certainty, and design panel procedures

Design risk governance

Identification of risks to cost, programme, quality and sustainability plans arising from design activities.


Design risk mitigation

Provision of a framework for early and ongoing design risk mitigation, defining priorities and reducing the potential for loss.

Design strategies

Identifying areas where design strategies are required to ensure project compliance.

Design Team procurement

Advice and support for procurement of other consultants and specialists.


Employer Information Requirements for Data

Target setting, prioritisation and early decision making strategies on digital and data topics such as software platforms, definition of levels of detail, data outputs for building systems management; co-ordination of early inputs to Employers Requirements for Data.

Establishment of Value Drivers

Using innovative industry tools to enable value-based project decisions, for transparency and rigour.

Facilities Maintenance & Operations

Briefing strategies for building operations and facilities maintenance to inform early stage design decision making. Liaison with operations stakeholders, identification of any need for inputs from shadow operators.


Marketing materials

Support in the development of marketing materials including input to key messaging and content review.

Peer review

Independent review and challenge.

Post Occupancy Evaluation and ‘Soft Landings’ briefing strategies
As part of our offer, we have access to specialist consultants offering a full POE and soft landings services.

Professional scope, deliverables and fee advice

Definition of required consultancy services, scheduling of design deliverables, advice on fee structures, fee benchmarking.

Project roles and responsibilities definition

Definition of project roles and detailed description of responsibilities, avoiding gaps and eliminating overlaps.


Specialist support

Identification of specialist design elements. Scoping, sourcing and engagement of specialist designers.

Stakeholder engagement and processes

Translation of complex building issues for stakeholders; oversight of stakholder engagement plans. 

Sustainability briefing

Application of sustainability workbook to create a framework for target setting and robust decision making.

Sustainability Strategies

Target setting, prioritisation and decision making on sustainability topics including Whole Life Carbon, Wellbeing, Water Cycles and Social Value; formulation of Employers Sustainability Requirements.

Team communications support

Creation of simple communication structures which reflect project governance arrangements, roles and responsibilities.

Technical compliance and governance

Identification of codes and standards which will govern a project, oversight of compliance and quality control regimes.

Tender review

Impartial advice and an 'extra set of eyes' on consultant and contractor proposals.

Work winning and bidding

Support for major pursuits including input to work winning strategies, bid content review, presentation rehearsals and critical friend.