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Power Up North London

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Caxton House Community Centre is a vibrant community hub near Archway in the London Borough of Islington that hosts a number of weekly activities serving the local community.

mstep had the privilege to work with Caxton House assessing decarbonisation strategies to assist the community centre to run as energy efficiently as possible. The first stage was our production of a Decarbonisation Feasibility Study presenting the viable options and the investments required, with a second stage to follow of Tender Documentation to assist with the procurement, installation and future monitoring of the new systems.

The focus of the project was to:

  • improve the building performance to reduce the need for heating.

  • reduce carbon emissions from space heating by improving installing a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in combination with solar thermal hot water in addition.

  • install a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit to enhance indoor air quality without incurring an energy penalty.

  • implement a Building Management System to optimise control and further reduce the energy use and improve the life span of all equipment.

These measures have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 69% with a reduction in running costs of up to 40%.

Once completed, Caxton House will be the exemplar of a low carbon building inspiring other organisations to follow their lead.

caxton house
archway, london 

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