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aleksandra sasha krstanovic - mechanical engineer & founder


With her 25+ years of experience, Sasha is an insightful designer who challenges the norm and pushes the boundaries whilst creating holistic and resource responsible buildings and places. 


Her passion for design, deep knowledge and collaborative approach enables her to bring the best out of multidisciplinary teams , demonstrated by delivering some of the world's most sustainable buildings from the Apex in Bury St. Edmunds and Energy Technologies Building in Nottingham, which is the world's first zero Carbon laboratory, to the Early Learning Village a very low energy super school in Singapore, and Kula Belgrade the future tallest tower in South East Europe.


The pinnacle of Sasha's professional journey to this point is the United Nation Office in Geneva (UNOG), an international heritage icon currently undergoing the transformation into a 21st Century conference centre and the operational heart for of the United Nations in Europe.


In her own words: "Built environment is where we spend most of our lives and it has to perform well and be responsible towards the resources. We need to work together across the disciplines and localities and collaborate openly and willingly if we are going to reduce and reverse our impact on our environment - and I know we can do it".

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