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Artistic Climate: Keeping Frieze London at the Perfect Temperature  

One of the highlights of mstep’s year, Frieze London and Frieze Masters Fairs (Oct 11-15 in The Regent’s Park) started on site last week.  

It’s the third year we have had the thrill of spending five days in the presence of some of the best contemporary, classical, and antique art.  

Once again, we will be working hard to deliver an optimal comfortable environment for gallerists, artists, visitors – and some incredibly precious pieces.  

Interior of art show
Ventilation benches at Frieze LA

This year, we are onsite with Acclimatise, climate management equipment providers, ensuring the best live climate control no matter the external conditions and number of visitors. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, predicting visitor numbers, and adjusting controls to try and anticipate conditions. That way, people remain comfortable, and artworks stay safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.  

Thermometers in hand and walking between 30-40,000 steps a day, we also need to make changes for, say, a sudden rain shower and thousands of wet visitors in the tents. It’s the sort of work that would usually be done by an algorithm, but the temporary nature of Frieze makes this impractical.  

mstep will have the privilege of this work both in London and Los Angeles until at least 2026 having signed a multi-year contract for service provision.  

As ever, we are delighted to work with Frieze which sets a splendid example for sustainability in art. It has a target to at least halve emissions and reach near zero waste by 2030; a £100,000 a year contribution to supporting frontline climate solutions around the world; and the requirement for subcontractors to supply carbon accounting so they can measure their environmental impacts – among other efforts.

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