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All the best to Hanya, our departing environmental engineering Intern!

mstep is saying farewell to Hanya Ahmad. We were delighted to have her on board as environmental engineering Intern.  


During her time here, Hanya – a keen reader who enjoys spending time with her cheeky nephew!🙈 – refined her skills and shadowed experienced professionals including at Ridgway Mews, a retrofit and extension for a healthcare facility in Wimbledon.  

two female construction workers onsite
Hanya and Abi onsite at Ridgway Mews


She also formed part of the team at the Frieze London/Masters exhibition by monitoring temperatures, adding a great deal to the success of the event and ensuring that it ran seamlessly.  


Currently, she applies her creative skills in real-life scenarios, making valuable contributions to our social media marketing initiatives.  


These experiences have equipped her with a diverse skill set and a practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving in a professional context. 


Hanya says: “My journey here has been incredibly enriching, refining my skills and gaining valuable insights by shadowing experienced professionals.  

“I’ve learnt so many useful skills, including learning how to size vents, participate in insightful site visits, including Ridgeway Mews, and engage in building service data entry and analysis.  


“My time at mstep has equipped me with a versatile skill set and a practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving in a professional context.  “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to mstep for providing such a conducive learning environment. The company's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaborative work culture has truly enhanced my professional growth. Thank you mstep! 💚💗.” 

As we say goodbye to Hanya, we congratulate her on a first in her Architecture and Environmental Engineering degree and know she will have an extremely bright future.  

a female in academic gown and cap
Hanya, first class graduate.



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