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Training the Next-Generation of Low-Energy systems installers with Less Carbon at Rodbaston College

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

mstep has been selected to play a pivotal role in the revitalisation of South Staffordshire College's Rodbaston campus, ensuring a low-energy future for the land-based and trade course provider.

We will be creating and rolling out an energy master plan with targets of zero carbon and near-zero water use for the estate as it develops in stages over the coming years. mstep is excited about the greenfield location since it gives us a fantastic opportunity to exploit renewable energy generation on the surrounding farmland.

mstep are also appointed to design the MEP on the reconfiguration of an existing building into a teaching facility for the next-generation low-energy systems installers who will be learning about how to bring heat pumps and PVs online. A third tranche of work involves the energy and water strategy for a new facility where vets and those working in animal sanctuaries will learn about animal care.

South Staffordshire College’s Rodbaston campus

We were invited to bid by MCMA architects following a previous very successful partnership with PMC project managers; Teeba’s excellent work on that project helped our team secure the win!

mstep looks forward to sharing our journey with the client and facilities team to connect design and operation as this terrific project develops.

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