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Sasha interview with Greystone Engineering

Greystone Engineering produce an annual Salary Guide. Included in this year's survey is an interview with Sasha. An excerpt follows:

After 25 years’ experience in decarbonising the built environment through insightful design for large, corporate businesses, Sasha founded mstep and with her partner Fiona Esler they are challenging the norms and pushing the boundaries whilst creating holistic and resource responsible buildings and places. Her passion to alter the industry’s perspectives and drive more young females into the building services engineering profession very much align with Greystone’s core values; and after celebrating mstep’s 1st birthday in October 2021, we were excited to hear what the buildings industry looks like from the perspective of a start-up.

How has the past year been for mstep?

It’s been a very exciting time for us. We are extremely busy and we’ve recently made our first official appointment, hiring a Director of MEP and we’re proud that she will be the youngest Director in the industry. I actually interviewed her when she was a graduate years ago. I don’t believe that seniority or responsibility needs to go with years of service. I think it needs to be an investment into the future rather than a reward for the past.

I’m super, super happy and more will be revealed soon!

You can read the full interview here.

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