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Two Milestones On-Site at Ridgway Mews

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Ridgway Mews, a private therapy centre and family clinic which just saw kickoff, marks a significant milestone for Abi Abraham. The Wimbledon Village project is the first on which she had the full responsibility to deliver the MEP design.

Two site workers
Hanya and Abi onsite at Ridgway Mews

She shared the achievement with our new intern, Hanya Ahmad, accompanied by Abi to her premier site meeting. Hanya will remain closely involved during her three months with us as Ridgway Mews emerges from the refurbishment of two existing buildings with these being interconnected to a new build atrium and reception. She'll gain valuable insights into a potential new career, and an opportunity for her to apply her academic knowledge in a real-world setting.

Hanya comes to us with a first-class degree in architecture and environmental engineering from the University of the West of England (UWE), where Sasha was a lecturer before Hanya arrived.

We are excited about Hanya's and Abi’s journeys and eager to see the Ridgway Mews project flourish in the capable hands of our team. Well done both!

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