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mstep's Great Deal for Families

When Miroslav’s son decided to come and live with him and Sasha, moving from Serbia to the UK at the age of 14, Sasha asked for two week’s leave to help him get settled in a country he’d never visited before. She was refused. At that moment, she vowed that, if she ever started her own company, she would make it easy for everyone to enjoy their work without it competing with home and family life.

Today, mstep is in just such a position: to offer a better deal for colleagues who want to raise families, a difficult enough job without adding low pay to the mix! We also think both parents should be available to look after new children, experiencing the wonders and lessening the burden for everyone.

That’s why we provide up to six months of parental leave at full pay and up to three more months at half pay to either parent or carer.

In comparison, statutory UK maternity leave is 90% of pay for six weeks and just £172.48 for the remaining 33 weeks.

To be eligible, you have to have worked with us for 12 months and commit to a further year once you return.

Our people can come back whenever they want. We definitely don’t want to keep anyone from helping our clients either!

people by a river
Miroslav, Sasha, Abi, and Teeba celebrate three years of mstep in Budapest.

Find out about working for mstep where we don’t have to choose between our families and our careers.

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